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It is by the grace of God and the most humbling honor to introduce Brand N Stone Publishing. We realize that the real journey has just begun. We sincerely believe that with an abundance of faith nothing is impossible.

We hope that you will grow with Brand N Stone Publishing as we look toward a future of creating and publishing literature that inspires, motivates, educates, and entertains our readers.

sssFelicia James is a woman haunted by a troubled past and grief stricken by a mother’s untimely death, trying to cope with a father’s absence and a brother she loves dearly caged in a prison cell. Her pain and vulnerability push her into a world of prostitution, drug addiction, and in search for a place to lay her head. Mark Hicks is an attractive, charismatic brother, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

His aspirations and goals by far exceed the world in which Felicia knows. But when the two cross paths, Felicia is forced to choose between love and holding onto a demonic journey that has monopolized her life for years. Felicia, refusing to believe she is worthy of Mark’s love, finds herself in the arms of Kenny, a ruthless ex-boyfriend whose destructive lifestyle sends Felicia back into the cruel streets with an HIV scare hovering over her head. It’s only when a tragedy occurs that leaves Felicia crawling into the doors of rehab that she finally realizes that if you truly exercise your faith that all things will come together in Divine Order."

sssIn Trapped in a World of Silence: Deborah L. Harris takes us on a personal journey living with autism, from the moment her son was diagnosed at the age of four with this disorder up until his present age of eighteen. Deborah shares the struggles that she encountered with the disorder, which eventually destroyed her marriage, led her into a lonely addiction, and forced her to learn some painful discoveries about herself. She relates how the on-going battle she faced in trying to find ways to fight autism left her with mixed emotions of anger, frustration, and oftentimes depression.

She shares the disappointments she encountered with the lack of medical assistance provided by her health insurance, her personal outlook on the future of this disorder, and what parents with autistic children should know. Deborah tells how she and her son are now living with autism and what finally led her to realize what she thought was a curse turned out to be the biggest blessing in her life!

sssCURTIS, had everything that one man could possibly hope for. He was the picture of perfect health with a loving family and financial security. In the eyes of his daughter, PHYLLIS, he was a shining symbol of what a man should represent. His strong exterior and warm heart was all that his family needed to feel safe and secure. But, when an unexpected tragedy occurs, Phyllis, painfully watches her family destroyed by the same man who she once held in such high regards. Curtis unable to bounce back from a life changing ordeal helplessly watches his family ruined from his self-destructive behavior and self absorbed ways. In the meantime, Phyllis is left dealing with feelings of abandonment as she attempts to pick up the pieces from a broken family structure at such a crucial time in her life.

She finds comfort in the arms of a man who sends her life spinning in a total different direction than anyone could have ever imagined. SHELBY is a charming, ladies man with an unlimited cash flow and a cocky attitude. By the time that she realizes that she has fallen for a man who is a carbon copy of what her father has become, she is deeply in love and in a position that she never thought that she would be in. Phyllis takes on the responsibility of trying to save two men that she loves dearly from living the rest of their lives held down by invisible chain!

sssJoin with me and be up lifted by this thirty-one day inspirational journal. May each entry help you to focus on how God sheds His love and grace on each of us in different situations of life.

My prayer is that God will bless and encourage you during your journey with Him, that you will experience His surprising, amazing mercy and grace. If one person takes away something by reading this journal, it will be a blessing. We will give God all the glory.

- Rose DeShazer-White

sssNature tells us much of what and who God the Creator is. By studying nature and the universe that God created, we can learn how the Creator intended for us to live and acquire the necessities of life. Whenever you discover the truth, you discover God in that truth.

This is a world of possibilities and all things are possible to them that believe. But possibilities must become reality! The book you are holding will delve into the world of possibilities, called the Quantum Domain, and lead you into greater truth of your true self, which is spirit. Never underestimate your power to maximize your creative power!

sssMany people from coast to coast know me as "Magic Juan." I had experienced a lot of things in my life, but never the power of the Almighty God. There was once a time that I didn’t believe there was a God. That is until I experienced an encounter with him that became my own personal testimony. It also marked the beginning of a path that led me to create this inspirational journey.

It was over twenty-five years ago that I sat in my California apartment with a friend doing hallucinogenic drugs. Time passed by and then suddenly it felt like a bolt of thunder went through my body. I then started feeling as if a force was purging me. The tears and mucus began to run heavily down my face. The room suddenly fell dark and it wasn’t long before a light began to shine on me.

The sweat on my face suddenly evaporated from a cool breeze coming through the window. I finally came to realize that I was experiencing the power of God!

sssStatistics show that 70 percent of Americans believe in guardian angels. Spiritual beings sent from heavens to provide protection from the evil spirits. Imagine an angel right under your very own roof. That was the special gift delivered to Jordan and Lisa Moore. They knew there was something special about their son Daniel as they watched him perform extraordinary acts unexplainable to the human mind. What they didn’t know was their son was put on this earth to complete a special mission that was designed to change the world.

Father Kindler, a devout priest, and Bishop Martin, the head of the diocese, had the huge responsibility of protecting Daniel in a world tormented by sin. They didn’t know that someone was out to make sure that Daniel didn’t complete his assignment. It turned into a journey that challenged the faith of everyone involved as they searched for a peaceful ending.

Remember, life’s real journey is rediscovering valuable truths we’ve somehow lost!

sssThis qualitative oral history study focuses on one African-American woman’s childhood influences and educational background, the barriers she encountered in her career path toward the superintendency, and her work as a district superintendent. Feminist standpoint theory was used in this study to examine the intersectionality of race, class, and gender in her life and work.

By analyzing her professional preparation, sense of self-efficacy, support networks and mentoring, the racial and gender barriers she encountered, and her professional achievements and career reflections, there is hope that women will one day reign in the top executive leadership seat in public education. To remain silent gives “consent” to the socialized doctrines of racial and gender bias. In chapters 5–7, her story addresses the critical need for women, especially African-American women, to serve as formal and informal mentors to those who aspire to the position of superintendent and those women already “filling the seat.”

sssIn this book, celebrity designer Kym Stylz shares quotes from inspirational and motivational passages that completely changed her frame of mind and brought her from the mindset of being institutionalized to that of an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and single mother.

Kym hopes that after reading this book people will implement these powerful words in their daily living and challenge themselves to become a better person and live a more productive life. Kym has made a huge transition in her life by meditating on the words that she calls a reflection of positive energy that will force you to change your pattern of thinking.

sssPhyllis is fresh out of jail and anxious to put behind the painful memories of her past. She is focused on rekindling the close bond that she once shared with her two sons. But she quickly discovers that after a seven-year absence it’s not going to be that easy. Steven is a nineteen-year-old college student who is deeply involved with an older woman with controlling and deceitful ways.

He eventually finds himself forced to defend the woman he loves from his mother who he has carried resentment toward since the death of his father. Spencer is sixteen years old and wild as the unruly hair on his head. His disregard for authority has him in constant run-ins with the law and facing an uncertain future. Phyllis also has to accept the harsh reality that her sister, Elizabeth, has adjusted to her role as mother to one of her sons more than she would have hoped for.

Phyllis, desiring more than just a room in her mother’s house, has no idea how she can win her son’s love back, gain back her self-esteem, and somehow find forgiveness in her heart for the two men she holds responsible for ruining her life. It’s only when a routine doctor’s visit turns into a fight for her life that she discovers something buried deeply in her soul and that is the strength and courage to survivein the midst of a storm.

In the Midst of a Storm is the long-awaited sequel to Deborah Harris’s earlier novel, Invisible Chains.

sssThere Is Only One Power was written to help you understand that once you properly connect to the one and only power there is nothing else to be feared.

The belief in two powers, the power of good and the power of evil, has been an incorrect interpretation of the scriptures. Through reading this book, you will come to understand that the belief in two powers came out of disobedience to the Creator and brought judgment.

Whatever evil or wickedness there is in this world is the result of what we have yielded to and lent our power to. As human beings, we are created in the image and likeness of God, and once we understand who we are, nothing can interfere with the manifestation of our divine being.

This book will shift what you thought you knew about good and evil as it pertains to life. This book will also challenge your fundamental belief system and remove any blinders to what our spiritual life was intended to be. Enjoy the journey to greater understanding.

sssWhat is life and why do I exist? Is there a way to make life work for some while others are just left to figure it out without any guidance?

This book explores what life is and what it is not, and helps the reader understand that there are some things we have to contribute in order for our life to become what we want it to be. This will be different from person to person since we all have a unique path in life.

Life is always enfolding every moment of our lives, and this book will help you capture the moments that will cause your life to begin to work for you as you pay close attention to what’s going on within you. Life happens outside of you, but what happens outside is a result of what you allow to happen inside.

sssW. Michael LeBlanc, VII, also known as Kash, Money in da Bank, and Seven, is the leader of the K.R.E.A.M. team and has all the qualities to succeed—good looks, straight A’s, and the athleticism of a premier athlete. He is an intelligent young man with great potential to succeed without the streets.

Torn between doing the right thing and running the very streets that have claimed the lives of countless loved ones, he comes to a fork in the road, where decisions have to be made and boys must stand as men. When the person closest to him whom he reveres is violently gunned down before his very eyes, life as he knows it is forever changed. No longer able to run from the streets, Michael decides to take his team of sophisticated street-smart skool boyz and embrace the very streets that were engineered to assure his death.

Michael’s ambition to succeed and vision of what success is takes him for a wild ride that he may very well not survive. Determined to step out of his family’s notorious shadow, he stumbles upon family secrets that could destroy relationships and lives alike. Michael struggles to find and balance the true meaning of success and takes a daring journey in pursuit of the definition of a “real nigga.”

Written in an African-American slang voice, with a smattering of Spanish slang, this book is a glimpse into the life of one skool boy forced to make some tough decisions and grow up much too fast. So put on your seatbelt and enjoy the twists and turns of the skool boyz experience.

sssIsaiah 46: 3b–5 in the Easy-to-Read Version says, “I have carried you since you left your mother’s womb. I carried you when you were born, and I will still be carrying you when you are old. Your hair will turn gray, and I will still carry you. I made you, and I will carry you to safety. Can you compare me to anyone? No one is equal to me. You cannot understand everything about me. There is nothing like me.” Who is the “me” in these verses? God.

The pages in this book will take you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation revealing God’s amazing love for His creation and His desire for us to live together with Him in the freedom of His unwavering love for us. If you’ve ever wondered, why am I here, why was I created? Perhaps being on this journey will lead you to some answers to your questions, and also help you discover a deeper love for God, yourself, and one another.

sssAlisa Thompson is a beautiful, intelligent, religious woman who is on top of the world, that is, until her best friend Marcia’s hidden jealousy for her finally surfaces and sends her life on a quick downward spiral. Alisa goes from being every man’s dream to living a life of total darkness that includes doing things she never imagined just to survive. When she gets as low in the gutter as one can possibly go, she meets her soul mate. Although she has lived in deep sin for years, because of her strong, deep-rooted faith, she was still blessed by the best. But has her prince charming come too late to save her from what seems to be a sure path to destruction?

sssA game 7 is the final game of a best-of-seven series. It is one last battle and the winner takes all. One team will win and the other will lose, or in this case, someone will live and someone will die! This book takes place in Chicago and Houston during the NBA Finals.

It is the story of two forensic specialists who are tracking down a sadistic serial killer, who chooses his victims according to the stat line of Charles Tatum, a famous professional basketball player, who is trying to lead his team to the city’s first title. FBI Agent Paul Wells is a man who wants to move on from the FBI and open the bar he inherited after his fiancée’s death. He is forced to make or break his replacement, Marcus Stone, who is on thin ice with his superiors.

Together, they trace the killer’s every step, witnessing the aftermath of his horrific crimes, as the victims pile up, one by one, after each game in the seven-game series.

sssGinger couldn’t imagine her newfound friend, twenty years her junior, being more than just a handsome face lingering in her mind. But after a few short weeks his soft-spoken words and seductive massages caused her to break free from the boundaries that once ruled her life right into a hot, steamy, lustful affair.

sssThomas Ramsey takes his readers on a detailed, in-depth journey into the new thought Christian Church based on his personal pursuit of successful living experiences. It is Thomas strong belief it is God’s will that every individual on the face of this earth should live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

This enlightening body of information will allow people to tap into themselves and find their passion, talent and ambition needed to achieve ultimate success!!